Golden Falcon Marine Construction – United Arab Emirates

Our Personnel


Golden Falcon Marine Construction’s key personnel are backed by an experienced technical and operational workforce. Additional personnel are acquired as needed and in accordance with contract circumstances and any special requirements of the client. It has been common for such additional personnel to rejoin the company on several occasions.

All of our operation employees have received appropriate discipline orientated training towards maintenance and improvement of our Quality Management System. We are very proud that all operational divisions within the organization are included and satisfactory maintained in our accredited quality system.

All employees are equipped with appropriate physical and mental tools for their respective trade, such as: Personnel Protective Equipment, First Aid Training and Safety Awareness Training. Our key technical staff (support yard and on site) is undergoing regular engineering training and advice from manufacturers in our ongoing process towards achieving optimum technical efficiency, and to improve maintenance effectiveness.

Furthermore, all our marine oriented employees have been trained and satisfactory examined to international STCW examination standards. We are constantly in the process of maintaining and superseding all ministerial endorsements and other administrative requirements for all relevant crew members.

Golden Falcon Marine Construction is tracking on an individual basis the training requirements and results by means of yearly evaluation of all personnel. The deployed (limited) multitasking approach allows employees to acquire first-hand experience and experience and appreciation in various disciplines. To achieve effective utilization of the plant our marine crew is trained specifically for our plant by internationally accepted training institutes.

By ongoing training at all levels of the organization the self-sufficiency, and therefore the ability to provide a better quality product, of each discipline within the organization will improve.