Golden Falcon Marine Construction – United Arab Emirates

Project Execution

Prior to commencement of works on any project site, a detailed Method Statement is discussed, agreed and formalized with the client/ contractor. This Method Statement summarizes Golden Falcon Marine Construction’s procedures of project execution.

Proposed dredge and fill plans, pipeline routes, storage facilities, discharge routes, surveying and reporting methodology, safety, quality and environmental assurance routines, etc., are outlined and described so that the concerned authorities are aware of our activities well ahead of the actual commencement of these works. Thus, by mutual co-operation amongst the various parties, we endeavor to avoid conflicts, which would hinder timely project execution. This also minimizes unexpected delays and costs that could occur during the works.

By means of monitoring the progress, reporting to the client and subsequent discussions and meetings we receive feedback, which improves knowledge about the needs, expectations and deliverables. Actual progress on all elements of the project is carefully monitored and compared with original planning and schedule.

By means of daily, weekly and monthly reporting the client is informed and feedback from the client on methods and quality of the produced works is actively promoted. Feedback, both positive and negative, is reviewed carefully and is used in for our internal review of procedures and methods of operation. This process of testing of appropriateness of our internal procedures and working methods versus client requirements and preferences promotes an improved level of quality and client satisfaction without an increased requirement for rework by us.

With regard to site management, the related project tasks are pre-planned and discussed with the concerned personnel to maximize project efficiency. From the preliminary drawings and mobilization, project execution, to the final demobilization and clearing of site, teamwork and subsequent coordination between all involved is emphasized.

The method statements, meetings, progress reporting, project correspondence in combination with Golden Falcon Marine Construction’s quality management system and its procedures, provide a frame work of information allowing for trace-ability of project elements as well as feedback for further guidance and customer focus.

Golden Falcon Marine Construction’s project managers are dedicated to their projects and take the full responsibility on all quality, safety and environmental related actions that are to be executed on a project. They will also actively support the modern way of green and safe thinking amongst all other Golden Falcon Marine Construction employees, their sub-contractors and their clients.